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Help Shelters To Feed Pets With 'Buy A Bag, Give A Bag' | Pets

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Help Shelters To Feed Pets With 'Buy A Bag, Give A Bag'

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) -  With the country's economy still mired in question marks and unemployment, the effects are hitting animals as well as humans. Families forced out of homes are forced to part with their companion animals as well.

The upsurge in stray, abandoned and feral animals has created a logjam for animal shelters and rescue groups, who are trying to provide for the pets in their care, in addition to offering pet food for residents who cannot afford it,  as the shelters try to help them keep their beloved four-legged companions. And as a result, some animal shelters are running out of food.

Pet Valu is providing a way to help these shelters. When Pet Valu customers buy their own animal's food, they can buy a second bag to donate to a local shelter or rescue group in need -- and Pet Valu will handle the delivery for you.

While shopping at Pet Valu, customers can also donate money the toward the cost of cat litter for the shelters, and again Pet Value will take care of the details in getting it where it needs to go.

 Click here to find a store in your area, and check with the store to see which local rescues and shelters they've been working with: they'll be able to tell you which ones are in the greatest need. The 'Buy a Bag, Give a Bag' program is ongoing, year round, with no end date, as the company continues to work toward easing the burden of animal shelters and ensuring that all pets get proper nourishment while awaiting their forever homes.


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