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Fairfax County Looks Into Buying Incinerator

LORTON, Va.  (WUSA) -- If you think a trash incinerator is smelly and dirty, then think again.   At Fairfax County's incinerator, a waste-to-energy facility owned and operated by Covanta, clean, odorless steam billows into the air. The plant makes energy by combusting trash and converting water to steam.

"The trash is burned at 1500 degrees to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit," said Michael Renga, Covanta Business Manager.

New Job Openings in Fairfax County Government

Newly announced job opportunities with Fairfax County Government for the week of December 6, 2010

10-1023  Information Security Analyst III

Number of FCPS Students Taking AP and IB Exams Continues to Rise

Number of FCPS Students Taking AP and IB Exams Continues to Rise

From Fairfax County Public Schools:

Crews Work To Repair Water Main Break In Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) -- Crews are working to repair a water main break that flooded a street in a Springfield neighborhood.

Jeanne Bailey, spokeswoman for Fairfax Water, says crews are on the scene of the break which occurred in an an 8-inch main located on Drayton Lane at Landgrave Lane. Crews will begin their work on the main as soon as a Miss Utility check is completed. After that, Bailey says the work should take approximately four hours.

Only 5 homes in the area have been affected by the outage.







Route 50 Lane Closures Set for Weekend of December 11-12

From Springfield Governmental Center:

Fairfax County Dog Licenses Due January 31

Fairfax County Dog Licenses Due January 31

From Fairfax County:

  • All dogs four months of age or older must be licensed. Licenses are good for one year and must be purchased by January 31st.

  • License Fees: On October 20, 2008 the Board of Supervisors adopted a change to Fairfax County ordinance 41.1-2-2. The fee to purchase a 2009 dog license is now $10, for all dogs.

  • License tags are issued free of charge to the owners of dogs trained and serving as a guide dog for a blind person, a hearing dog for a deaf person, or a service dog for a mobility-impaired person.

  • License tags may be purchased by mail, on-line or in person, as follows:

Thanksgiving Feast Disaster Stories

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) -- Amie Adams and her family are going to a relative's house for Thanksgiving. But Amie decided to make a full Thanksgiving meal anyway.

She says her three boys love leftovers, and there's never enough. She'll spend all night Wednesday cooking.

"There was one year I stayed up until about 2:00 a.m." Adams said.

She's had cooking disasters in the past, but says there's no pressure when cooking leftovers only.

"One year I was getting ready to leave and I put the apple pie on top of my car," she said, "It slid down the car and crashed on the ground."

Others say cooking disasters nearly ruined the holiday. Here are a few stories people shared with WUSA9 on Facebook:

Kenny Lorber: "Oven locked on self-clean mode on Thanksgiving morning around 10am a few years back. Could not open door for the duration of the cycle and the timer was set to 12 hours."