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Greenspring Residents Stay Fit and Active | Events

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Greenspring Residents Stay Fit and Active

From Greenspring and Ashby Ponds:

            SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA – Greenspring retirement community boasts a campus full of amenities and resources that help residents enjoy a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.  On the campus there is a fitness center equipped with personal trainers, an all-season indoor pool and hot tub, as well as class offerings such as aerobics, yoga, tai chi, line dancing, and ballroom dancing.  For many residents, living at Greenspring has greatly influenced their active lifestyles and has allowed them to try new and exciting activities.

            One of the very first residents to move into Greenspring in 1998, Jean Bley, had knee replacement surgery just over one month ago.  She is already able to walk easily without assistance and only sometimes uses a cane for support.  Bley attributes much of her exceptionally speedy recovery to her work with Greenspring wellness coordinator, Juanita Kuntz.  Three days a week, Bley participates in hour-long water aerobics classes often times directed by Kuntz.  “Her recovery is incredible,” said Kuntz.  “She is walking without any assistive device which is almost unheard of.” 

            Bley has been doing water aerobics for over eight years at Greenspring and believes that is how she strengthened her core muscles.  “When I make a commitment, I stick to it,” said Bley, who hopes to get the green light to return to class soon.  Bley also began doing tai chi at Greenspring about eight years ago, which she says has improved her balance and breathing. 

            Edna Brill, an eight-year resident of Greenspring, has been participating in yoga classes at the community three times a week for the past five years.  “I decided I needed to do more exercises, but I didn’t like the machines,” said Brill.  Brill, who had never done yoga prior to moving to Greenspring, says the class helps her to stay fit and active.  “I have no pains and I’m not on any prescription medications,” said Brill, who believes doing yoga at the community may very likely be contributing to her good health. 

            Andi Crews, who has taught yoga at Greenspring for almost six years, says Brill is very enthusiastic about the class and believes yoga can be of benefit to seniors.  “Over the years, there have been a number of testimonials,” said Crews. “Most relate to improved flexibility and movement, while others have found improved health and recovery from illness, which they attribute to their yoga connection.”  For Crews, the joy of seeing the progress and enthusiasm of the residents in his class is one of the most rewarding benefits of teaching yoga at Greenspring.  “I love seeing them experience something that they thought they might not be able to do,” said Crews.

            Hoping to motivate even more residents, Greenspring has several activities planned for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May including parachute games, casual games of football and softball, and a lecture on eye health.  Greenspring also plans to celebrate those who have shown a dedication to living a healthier lifestyle.  On Friday, May 20, residents who have logged 500, 1000, and 2000 visits to the Greenspring fitness center will be honored and given special gifts to celebrate their commitment.       

WHAT: 500/1000/2000 Fitness Celebration

WHERE: Greenspring
Town Center Clubhouse, TV & Cards Room
7440 Spring Village Drive
Springfield, VA 22150

WHEN: Friday, May 20, 11am-12pm

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