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Bank Robbery in Burke


According to the West Springfield authorities,  Police responded to the report of a robbery at the Suntrust Bank, 5234 Rolling Road, on Saturday, August 27th shortly after 10 a.m. A man entered the bank, approached a teller and demanded money. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. There were no injuries.

Alexandria Police Charge City Employee with Embezzlement

Alexandria Police Charge City Employee with Embezzlement

From the City of Alexandria:


Business Compliance Checks in West Springfield Police District

From Fairfax County:


West Springfield Police District - Officers from the West Springfield District Station Neighborhood Patrol Unit conducted business compliance checks at several locations in the Annandale, Springfield, Burke and Lorton areas of Fairfax County on August 12.

            The sting was conducted using county police cadets dressed in plain clothing who entered stores to purchase alcohol. If asked whether the cadet was 21 years old, he or she was to respond with his true age and/or date of birth. If asked for identification, he or she was to tell the clerk that he had no identification. If the sale of alcohol took place, the plain-clothed officer would take possession of the alcohol from the cadet and make the appropriate charge(s), along with the assistance of the uniformed officer assigned to the team.

Alexandria Woman Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the American Conservative Union


This story comes to us from Peter Carr:

  ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Diana Carr, 56, of Alexandria, Va., pleaded guilty today embezzling from the American Conservative Union (ACU). 

Be Cautious When Donating to Help Victims in Japan

Be Cautious When Donating to Help Victims in Japan

From Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs:

A tragic event, such as an earthquake or hurricane, often prompts an outpouring of assistance from well-meaning citizens. The FBI reminds consumers who receive appeals to donate money in the aftermath of a natural disaster to apply a critical eye and do their due diligence before responding to requests. Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or good cause. Before making a donation of any kind, consumers should adhere to certain guidelines, including the following:

Suspicious Death in Rose Hill area

The following was sent to us by Fairfax County Police Department:

Franconia Police District - Police are investigating a suspicious death that occurred around 11 p.m. Thursday, October 14. An 18-year-old man sought medical treatment at the Inova Springfield Healthplex around 10:30 p.m. and died shortly after 11 p.m. The victim had apparently been involved in an altercation earlier in the evening that resulted in bodily trauma.

Detectives are currently investigating and attempting to determine the nature of the relationship between the victim and suspect(s). An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause and manner of the victim’s death.

Fairfax County Residents Find Chemical Bombs in Mailboxes

Fairfax County Officials have reported at least eight homemade chemical bombs in mailboxes since May 2010. These bombs have shown up in Northern Virginia mailboxes and front yards in residential areas of Reston and West Springfield.

The chemical bombs are being made with chemicals such as baking soda and Drano and some of the explosives even contain shredded aluminum. While no one has been injured by the bombs, they could potentially cause serious harm to people, as well as damage property. The Fairfax County police and fire officials are working together to warn area residents and are looking into those individuals responsible. Many community residents believe that a group of local teens are responsible for the incidents.