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Business Compliance Checks in West Springfield Police District | Business

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Business Compliance Checks in West Springfield Police District
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From Fairfax County:


West Springfield Police District - Officers from the West Springfield District Station Neighborhood Patrol Unit conducted business compliance checks at several locations in the Annandale, Springfield, Burke and Lorton areas of Fairfax County on August 12.

            The sting was conducted using county police cadets dressed in plain clothing who entered stores to purchase alcohol. If asked whether the cadet was 21 years old, he or she was to respond with his true age and/or date of birth. If asked for identification, he or she was to tell the clerk that he had no identification. If the sale of alcohol took place, the plain-clothed officer would take possession of the alcohol from the cadet and make the appropriate charge(s), along with the assistance of the uniformed officer assigned to the team.

            As a result of this operation, 28 locations were entered and five were charged with the illegal sale of alcohol to a minor.

            Those offenses occurred at 7-Eleven, 7822 Rectory Lane, Annandale, Rite Aid, 9579 Braddock Road, Giant, 10653 Braddock Road, Rite Aid, 5230 Port Royal Road and Giant, 7501 Huntsman Boulevard.

            The ABC sting/business compliance operation was conducted using two teams, consisting of one cadet, one plain clothes officer and one uniformed officer serving as a security team.

            Underage possession of alcohol continues to be a concern to the Fairfax County Police Department. For more information on underage drinking and prevention programs, log on and learn more about the Unified Prevention Coalition at http://www.unifiedpreventioncoalition.org/.

Business, Crime, News

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